Welcome to Stallion Star LLC. Your preferred international trade partner.

At Stallion Star we specialize in quality and timely services to our partners around the globe.  We understand that every market is unique and work with each customer to meet their individual opportunity needs. Our expert professionals bring years of excellence and experience in a variety of fields including : pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, agricultural products, consumer goods, automotive, hardware tools and mechanical spare parts and others.

Let us help you with your upcoming project. At Stallion Star, we can make it happen.




Stallion Star is your sourcing partner. Through our network of preferred manufacturers and vendors around the world, we work with you to identify the best price for the highest quality desired. Let Stallion Star help optimize your supply chain while giving you the peace of mind to focus on your customers' needs.


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Whether you are an OEM, a distributor, a physical or an online retailer, Stallion Star can make your trade and warehousing easier. We tailor our services to meet your market demands. Our network of traders around the globe will connect you to trusted international customers with ease. We help you create additional distribution channels for your quality products and services by connecting you to new customers around the world. 



Stallion Star can handle all your logistics needs. From one-off, odd shipments to reoccurring freight needs. We can streamline your cargo and integrate it within our existing lines. Through validated relationships with forwarders and shippers, you can be sure your cargo does not only arrives where you want it, but also when and how. Let Stallion Star handle your freight needs.